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Safety in conformity with CE marking

All electrical or mechanical driven machines must, according to legislation, have a CE label. This label indicates that the machine is in accordance with the Machinery Directive and the present rules within the EEG area. CE stands for Conformité Européenne. It is a label that must be placed by the seller or producer of machinery which indicates that the machine is in accordance with the Directive. This Directive describes the guidelines for safety of a machine or product. This has as a purpose to guaranty the safety of its users and improving trade within the area of the EEG.

What is CE marking

The CE mark represents the level of safety for its operator as well as the enviroment. With the label present a free tradefield is crated troughout Europe.


Directly after the introduction of the CE marking in 1992, Packgroup BV focused on the approval of existing and new machines. We can implement the adjustment for you, or work together with your supplier to the proper solution. For most of our services your machine doesn’t need to be taken out of its production line. We will adjust it as much as possible on location.

Periodic monitoring

If you need to be sure that machines are kept in compliance with the Machinery Directive and legislation, a periodic check is recommended. Whenever a change is made to a machine the CE marking might become invalid. During the periodical monitoring we can point this out.