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Packaging Solutions For Your Company

At Packgroup we distribute packaging machines from o.a. Robopac and Sotemapack. Sotemapack features a large production range, covering multiple areas, from the multi-pack of food products (cans, tins, jars, bottles and boxes) to wood industry packaging, from E.P.S. packs to sophisticate solutions for very different industrial products. Robopac is more specialised in high end palletise and wrapp solutions. A good example of this is the Palwrapp.

Packaging Machines

Below you can find an example of a packaging machine we distribute.

Pallwrap p94

packaging solutions
Areas of Application
The production ranges from semi-automatic wrapping machines with smart technology to innovative automatic packaging solutions, industrial wrapping machines and case packers machine, palletizer, AGV & LGV shuttles, recycling solution. It is applied to the following areas of application:



Home & Personal Care

Paper & Tissue Products



Building & Furniture