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Print and Apply Solutions for Your Company

Packgroup is since 2023 Benelux distributor for the Italian brand PMR. PMR has been creating solutions for over fifty years for print and apply as well as filling and closing in the food, medical en pharmaceutical industrie. PMR machines are reliable through innovation and optimization. They are sturdy, durable, and technologically advanced, addressing the most sophisticated needs of customers. A choice for PMR is a choice for durable advice, support and service.

Print and Apply

Below you can find two examples of print and apply machines that we distribute.

Automatic front / back labeling Machine - M3010FB

Automatic labelling machine for abrasive discs - M3005A

print and apply
Areas of Application
By embracing the concept of the Smart Factory, PMR machines can communicate through computer systems. This is intended to decentralize and collaborate between operational structures. The machines are useful for the following areas of application: